i stand amazed

There are times when I find myself completely astounded by the beauty of the Gospel. Not that I don’t think the Gospel is always beautiful, but I feel that at times I take for granted what it really means. I’ve heard it preached over and over. I’ve had several incredible opportunities to share it with others. But right now, I am blown away.

I was dead. I was dead in my sin.
I do not deserve the promise of eternity in Heaven.
I do not deserve a relationship with the Creator of the universe.

But in spite of my sin, my failure, my doubt, my imperfection, my selfishness, and my insecurity..

Jesus, the Son of God..

God in the flesh..

the Messiah..

came to Earth, lived a human life with all the temptations, trials, heartaches, and joy that we experience, without fault.


He was crucified. A blameless, perfect, sinless Man was crucified.

But why did He die? He died for me. For you. For everyone.

He died–He took our place for our punishment of our sins.

He is the Ultimate Sacrifice.

He is Enough.

And you know what? Jesus defeated death by death. Because it didn’t end with His death. He rose again. He conquered death through His resurrection.

And it still doesn’t end there.

He wants a relationship with us. He desires a relationship with His creation.

His love for us is greater than we can ever comprehend. It is greater than any love we could ever know.

The same breath that God breathed into us, God gave up to redeem us.

This is beyond religion. It is the greatest news you will ever hear. It is the greatest act of love that anyone could possibly bestow upon you. We did NOTHING to deserve it. A life of “good deeds” and “just being a good person” pales and crumbles in comparison to this Grace.



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