5 weeks of pure joy

It’s hard to believe that today is the first day of July.

And I still haven’t written a blog post.

I apologize, I promise this one will be worth your while.

CentriKid 2011 at Georgetown College has been, in a word, incredible. I’m struggling on where exactly to begin. I am on CentriKid 2, and over the past 5 weeks, I have grown to truly love my team. They are wonderful group of passionate followers of Christ. They also make me laugh, make me happy, and encourage me so much.

I love being the production leader for CK2. It has been such a fantastic, humbling experience. No matter what happens–if the projector dies in the middle of a production (which it has), if we don’t have the right clear coms for 3 weeks (which we didn’t), and if microphones break (yep, that happened too), God STILL works. I have absolutely no control over what goes on inside that auditorium…and it’s the most incredible feeling ever.

It’s so different from last summer, and I honestly feel that God laid the foundation last year to use this year to build on the spiritual growth in my life through this summer. I’ve been reading through the book of Ruth and learning more and more about the Old Testament.

This summer, the theme is Shipwreck Island: Where God Provides. God provides. God provides forgiveness, God provides calling, God provides enough, God provides through me. Each day of bible study, the campers learn specifically how God provides, and how is ultimate provision is through the Gospel.

Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve witnessed God’s provision in ways I never imagined. Some campers we’ve met have been though things that no child should EVER have to go through. It’s just so incredible to see God move in the lives of these campers.

I will be better about blogging, I promise. 🙂



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