in short

I will attempt, without any explanations, to share some pretty important things that are on my mind tonight.

When you come across true love, you know it. Without a shadow of a doubt.

Friendship requires sacrifice, understanding, and selflessness.

People change.

My parents are amazing.

Broken friendships can be healed.

Sometimes, the only thing that you need is to sit down and cuddle with your dog.

People that you never imagined would hurt you will hurt you worse than you ever imagined.

There are times in life when you know you’re right but can’t say anything. And it’s frustrating.  

In spite of everything, your hometown will never let you down.

I’m so incredibly thankful for Christopher Mize. And blessed beyond my wildest dreams to have him in my life.

Having your twin sister make you laugh so hard that the milkshake you’re drinking comes out your nose is one of those moments that I imagine Heaven is like.

Time flies.

I’m ready for CentriKid.


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