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I’m spending this rainy Monday morning reflecting on the events of the past week. I feel so blessed to be at my home, safe and sound with a roof, electricity, and food. This is going to be a very long blog entry, so I hope you’re up for a lot of reading. I’ll start with the serious stuff first.

Last week was finals week at Mississippi State, and was the third week in a row with severe weather lurking over campus. I heard more tornado sirens in those 3 weeks than I’ll probably hear in my life. I’m thankful for them, but I won’t say I’m a fan. In my time spent in the hallway of my gracious landlord’s office, the basement of the Chi Omega house, my downstairs half-bath, and the bottom floor of the union, the city of Starkville was never damaged by the weather. We had some freaky clouds and strong wind, rain, and hail, but never any substantial damage.

I can’t say the same about some smaller towns in Mississippi and our neighbors in Tuscaloosa. You’ve all heard/seen the news (if you haven’t, I’m seriously worried about you), but this devastation hit harder for me than any natural disaster has before because it was so close to where I live. I encourage each of you to pray and to give what you can. These victims need clothing, tolietries, and tarps to cover their damaged homes, roofs, and buildings from the new rainfall.

The Royal wedding happened, and while I wish nothing but the best for William and Kate….my gosh, what a waste of money. I’m not British, so I guess I don’t appreciate it like they do. I can’t imagine how far their wedding budget could have gone to help the victims of the tornados in the south. I’m not going to say I didn’t enjoy seeing all the crazy hats and her pretty wedding dress, though. My dog woke me up howling at some trumpets they were playing, therefore I saw a brief part of the wedding live. I’m sure it was very enchanting. I love how there is an entrire facebook page devoted to Princess Beatrice’s wedding hat. Also, I think Kate Middleton (ahem…Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s too pretty for Prince William (I bet the entire time he was thinking “jackpot!”).

I’m sure everyone in America has heard of Osama bin Ladin’s death. While part of my soul hurts that he will be spending eternity in misery, the other part feels like justice has been served. I will never know if he ever had the opportunity to hear the Gospel, but I do know about 50,000 people have died because of him. He is to blame for September 11th. So I wouldn’t be so quick to say “we shouldn’t be happy that he’s dead”. We should be sad for his eternal life, but we should be grateful for the strides made in defeating terrorism. This was huge. Osama bin Ladin was quite possibly the most wanted man alive. The Islam world is happy to be rid of him– he was an embarrassment to the Islamic faith. It’s not fair to say that he never got to hear the gospel, because we don’t know that. He could have very well had the chance to hear about salvation. It breaks my heart to think that he didn’t, but we will never know. I think it’s fair game to feel relieved about his death. Feel free to disagree with me. Of course, this is by no means the end of terrorism. al-Quaeda isn’t going to say “oh well, we quit.” I just hope we keep our guard up.

I also wish everyone would chill out about the whole George W. Bush vs. Obama and were the credit goes–they aren’t arguing over it, why should we? Bush began the hunt for him, carried it out until his time as president ended, and Obama picked it up and happened to be the one to see it through until the end. They both played huge roles. President Obama is the commander-in-chief; that means he gave the military the order to kill.  If you want to give any “credit” to anyone, give it to the Navy Seals who risked their lives during the mission.

This brings me to another item of business. I am so tired of people hating on the president. So. Tired. You don’t have to like President Obama, but you should respect him. There are some things about him that I don’t exactly love, but there are things about him that I do like (*gasp*).  He is our commander-in-chief, and you not liking him isn’t going to change that anytime soon. It just drives me crazy seeing people ignorantly rant about the goverment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, goodness knows I don’t expect everyone to agree with mine, but before you come to conclusions, make sure you know what you’re talking about and can back up the reasons why you believe those things. Don’t so blinded by hatred that you can’t see the good in people. I’ll leave it at that.


The past week has been one I will never forget. Obviously for all of the things going on worldwide, but also because I experienced things I never thought I would. My last final got canceled due to the power outage in the Golden Triangle because of the storms, and I spent last Wednesday night in complete darkness. Very chilling, but very cool. Then Thursday, I headed home with one of my good friends, and we went to Nashville to run the Rock-N-Roll 1/2 marathon. We had a fantastsic time. On Friday after we picked up our registration packets, we went to LifeWay to hang out with my beloved camp friends. It did my heart some good to spend time with them. In fact, I just get more and more excited about camp drawing near. We went to dinner at the Loveless Cafe (om nom nom) and ate fantastic food. Good friends and carbs–is there a better way to spend a Friday night?

It was our first time to run a half marathon, and we got to see all of our hard work and training pay off. Running through downtown Nashville was beautiful. I got sick twice on the course, but I was fine and finished strong. About the time I thought I couldn’t keep running, I turned the corner to hear a band playing “Oh Happy Day”. I almost started crying. No, I did start crying. It was like God gave me the boost I needed exactly when I needed it the most. Very cool. Rachel (my friend) did a fantastic job as well. Even with her bum knee she finished strong. After walking around the Titans stadium for an hour, we finally managed to find our car. We forgot where we parked, but the credit for figuring it out definately goes to Rachel. If it were up to me, we’d still be wandering around Nashville.

After that, we showered and went to the Nashville Zoo to walk around before we drove 3 hours home. The zoo was a lot of fun, but we were moving slow. I got a heinous nosebleed (huge thank-you to the lady who gave me baby wipes since I didn’t have anything but my shirt) and honestly, it was just hilarious to me.

Sunday I drove back to Starkville to bring Rachel home and get my things for the summer. My momma came with us, and I got to spend some quality time with her. She’s awesome.

My plans for today include laying around with my sweet puppy and drinking chocolate milk. Nothing else.

I’m blessed beyond what I deserve.



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