the epidemic

As of Sunday night, there are 17 people that I know who are engaged right now. Five of them are extremely close friends of mine. Eleven are sorority sisters (“every mother dreams of her son coming home with a Chi Omega…”). Must be something in the water.

As of Sunday night, my best friend Sydney became one of them.

I love how people who know us automatically know us as “Mary Chase and Sydney”. We’ve been inseparable ever since our move-in day freshman year. She’s asleep (maybe) in the room next to me right now (best roommate ever, by the way). I wish I had a dollar for every time she’s made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe.  I could probably pay for the rest of my college tuition with that kind of money.

Sydney is the kind of friend you want to have. She is one of the most honest, trustworthy, understanding, and caring people that I know. She’s is one of the people who has helped make me who I am. To quote Wicked, “I know I’m who I am today because I knew you.” Yeah, she’s that kind of person.

And in a little over a year, she’ll be a married woman.

Being sorority girls, we have a little thing called a “candlelight” to announce engagements to our fellow sisters. It’s one of my favorite parts of being in a sorority. No one knows who is getting married,  but when a candlelight is announced, excitement fills the air. Whoever blows out the candle being passed around is the lucky girl. Then they get to tell the story of the engagement, everyone can “ooohh” and “aaahh” over the ring, etc.

And I was about 5 minutes late for Sydney’s candlelight because of a band rehearsal. I tried so hard to time it right, but of course chapter went abnormally fast.

I’m not going to lie, I’m heartbroken.

This of course places no strain on our relationship, but I can’t being to describe how sad I am that I missed getting to see her blow out the candle, watch everyone freak out, and hear her tell their sweet engagement story.

But I also can’t tell you how lucky/blessed I am to have heard it first hand about an hour after it happened. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to get to spend the next year with her planning and daydreaming.

When I see people that I love being happier than they’ve ever been before, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Jordyn, Emily, and Bethany….if you’re reading this…get ready, I have a lot to say about you three as well.




One thought on “the epidemic

  1. Mary Chase….this is so sweet and precious. Everyone is getting married!!! It is ridiculously crazy! 🙂 Emily, Jordyn, and Bethany do have a lot coming up! Love you and your sweet words that you share with us.

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