dear friend,

This blog post is devoted to someone very special in my life.


Katie Kochuba.

I’ve probably composed thousands of words going on and on about how much I love CentriKid, how it had a colossal impact on my life, and the friends that came from it. Katie is one of those friends.

The first time I ever saw Katie, two thoughts went through my head:
1. I want to be like her.
2. I hope we’re good friends.

Katie and I were prayer partners last summer.  We had hours of conversation about our friends, family, similar sorority-lives, and just about everything in between. We laughed together, cried together, and shared our lives with each other.

I’ve never met someone who is so cool; this girl is the definition of fratstar. She could make a ratty old potato sack look stylish and trendy. She is so cute; she was the teacher for Kitchen Chaos and Cheernastics, and all the little girls (and boys) loved her. With her matching apron and pot holder, curled hair, and positive attitude, you just simply had to love Katie.

Aside from her outward appearance and poise, this girl has got a beautiful soul. I mean, beautiful. She loves the Lord so much, and you can see it in every aspect of her life. Her heart is enormous, and I don’t recall ever seeing her get angry. She has so much patience. She is the epitome of a Proverbs 31 woman–hence why I want to be like her.

Katie has really inspired me to go out of my way to be a thoughtful, caring person. She writes hand-written letters, sends me encouraging messages, and lets me know loud and clear that she cares for me. She’s not putting on a show- she is genuine to the core.

I only hope that anyone who reads this can identify with a “Katie” in their life. If they can’t, I hope they meet one soon.



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