This is a light-hearted list of things that I just simply don’t understand.

-Girls who carry purses and backpacks. Maybe I’m too low-maintenance, but what can they not put in their backpack that they have to keep in their purse?

-Toddlers and Tiaras

-Jersey Shore

-Having professors require documented medical excuses for absences, but the health center saying they no longer issue excuses, but only give a proof of your visit. I’m not going to go to the health center with a stomach virus that I know will pass its course, and I have no business being in class. What do I do?

thoughts, anyone?


2 thoughts on “?

  1. I agree with all but must say… I usually carry a purse as well as my backpack because I don’t want to have to take my backpack off every time I want to get to my phone, ID, chapstick, or keys. So I keep ’em conveniently at my hip 😉

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