I spent the summer of 2010 being intentional in every aspect of my day. The people/children I talked to, what I said to them, what I read, what I said to my team, the things I did…everything was intentional. One of the concepts of CentriKid is ministry through the context of building relationships and being intentional is crucial. There was a good reason behind every action.

I’ve tried very hard to carry that same mind set into my second year of college. I try to be more intentional about my relationships, my priorities, and my future career. I have to say, through the lens of intentionality, what I’ve seen can be beautiful as well as disappointing. I’ll start with the beautiful first.

This summer painted a fantastic picture of what true friendship looks like, and I can say that with confidence because I consider those people I worked with five months ago to be dear, precious friends. When I came back to school, my relationships with some friends back home (especially my room mate, my little sis, and  my big sis) seemed to glow. I felt a deeper love and appreciation for them, and still do. Of course Christopher has a huge impact on my sunny disposition; aside from being a loving, caring, and kind, he makes me want to be a better person.

However, and I’ll be totally honest, some people really let me down. People who I thought truly cared about me, people who I considered to be friends began to act as if I didn’t exist; like they couldn’t care less if I was in the room. It was as if they were my friend when it was convenient for for them or when it made them look good. I know friendships are a two-way street, and I try to do my part. But if I’ve learned anything over the past 4 years, it’s that pouring your heart into someone who doesn’t want it is a waste of time and energy.

I want people to know without a shadow of a doubt that I mean what I say and what I do. I want to be the kind of friend that people want to have.


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