once in a lifetime.

published May 31, 2010

God works in the coolest ways.

While there are so many exciting things racing through my mind right now, I feel compelled to share one that I will never forget.

I had the honor of attending special training for CentriKid this past weekend– the camp I will be working for this summer. While that is an entire blog entry (or several blog entries) itself, it sets the stage for my experience. I flew from Memphis to Nashville and back to attend training, and my flight from Nashville to Memphis was nothing less than awesome.

Attending training, meeting some of my amazing team, and the excitement of the summer before me had left me with a happy buzz; this and God’s sovereign peace is what kept me from freaking out.

My flight was delayed three times, so I was stuck in the Nashville airport for a long time. While I was sitting at my gate, the guy behind the Delta counter asked if I was Mary Breedlove. I said yes, and he said “Well you’re one of four people on this flight, and it’s been delayed again.” So I sat at the gate for another hour, but this time in the company of the guy behind the desk, the three other passengers, the pilot and co-pilot, and the flight attendant.

I might write a book about this. Some of you may think this is the lamest thing you’ve ever heard, but this is the kind of thing that I have seen in movies but never experienced. During the wait and on the flight, we had some of the best conversation I’ve ever had with anyone. We were total strangers before, but when we landed, we all hugged each other like family–including the crew. We laughed, shared stories, we drank coke, we joked with the pilot, we talked about pop culture–it was great. We were each from different places all over the United States, and the flight attendant was from the Dominican Republic. I even had the opportunity to have a feeble conversation with her in Spanish.

I will most likely never see those people again. I will also most likely never have a flight like that one again. We were from all different walks of life, and I left Memphis International Airport feeling so thankful for the delayed flight from Nashville.

God’s plans are bigger for me than mine are for myself. I say that a lot. But something like my Nashville flight is just one of the many things He can use to show that He is in control. I like that. Actually, I LOVE that.


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